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Whether you own a restaurant, gas station, or commercial office building, there’s no question that snow removal is essential when considering the safety of your customers. Luckily, Kelly Lawn and Landscaping provides fast and efficient snow removal services. Based in Anchorage, AK, this landscaping business prides itself on offering affordable lawn care and snow removal services that keep the community happy and safe.

With over 15 years in the landscaping industry, Kelly Lawn and Landscaping is equipped with the experience and expertise necessary to make the parking lot of your business snow-free in no time at all. Because they offer 24-hour services, Kelly Lawn and Landscaping is able to remove snow from your lot well before the work day begins. Not only does this ensure that your business can be fully operational on a snow day, but it also gives employees and customers the peace of mind they need to enter the lot with confidence.

Since the staff at Kelly Lawn and Landscaping is quite large, they’re able to provide high-quality snow removal for nearly any property type. With excellent tools and experience at their disposal, this landscaping company can adapt to any situation or environment to make sure your lot is cleared, de-iced, and safe for you, your employees, and your customers.

If you would like to learn more about the snow removal and lawn care services provided by Kelly Lawn and Landscaping, give them a call at (907) 441-8923.