Summer is already gone, and before you know it, the beautiful colored leaves on your trees will be covering your lawn. Don’t let fallen leaves take over your yard!

  1. Save Time

There’s no denying that cleaning up your fall leaves can be very time-consuming, especially if you have a large property with a lot of trees. Professional lawn companies not only have the latest equipment to help them get the job done faster, but they also have years of experience, allowing them to work as efficiently as possible.

  1. Protect Your Lawn

While you may be tempted to simply let those leaves accumulate in your yard or gradually clean small patches of your grass at a time, doing so could ultimately have a severe impact on your lawn. By preventing sunlight from reaching your grass, a thick layer of leaves can contribute to fungus, snow rot, and other diseases that could harm or even kill your grass. The sooner your leaves get cleaned up, the easier it will be to keep your grass alive.

  1. Save On Spring Cleanup

In addition to protecting your grass, hiring a professional lawn care service to clean your fall leaves will help you avoid some extra spring cleaning. After being buried under the snow for several months, those accumulated leaves will turn your yard into a soggy mess in the spring. Removing the leaves now will help your lawn look much better and reduce your cleaning needs once warmer weather returns.

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