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Hello Colby and Jared,

We hope you had a very Merry Christmas.  Our Ashberry Christmas Elves made sure that our Homeowners had a good one.  Attached is a photo we took the day after Christmas.  It snowed some more after they left, but just look at what a great job they did. When I heard a truck arrive, I looked out the window and there they were!  I sent Nate out to see if any Elf wanted a cup of coffee.  I figured if they could show up at 3:30am on Christmas Day, the least we could do was make coffee. We’d like you know that they were very hesitant about stopping to accept coffee, but when I told them that I’d already cleared it with Jared, then at least two of the Elves agreed. We were also impressed by how quickly and quietly they shoveled and sanded.  Quietly?  Yes, quietly.  That’s a very hard thing to do in the cold at 3:30am, but we could see that they really cared. Can you please pass on our appreciation to Billy, Mark, Alex, and Ae from the Ashberry Executive Board of Directors.  Just like all of the other Kelly’s crews, they were working so fast that I barely had enough time to fill their Christmas boxes!
Kindest Regards,

Nate Donaway, Jr., President
Mitome Donaway, Secretary
Carole Verdoia, Vice President/Treasurer

Hello Colby and Jared,

We just wanted to take a moment to ask you to tell the Ashberry crews how grateful we are for their excellent work. After they finished getting up all of the gravel, you would never know it was ever there!

The Spring Cleanup was also excellent with homeowners texting us to tell us what a good job the crews did and how pleased they were with how things look. We also really appreciated them taking the time to even clear off the porches and steps. Please commend all of the crew members for taking such pride in their work. It is not only noticed by the homeowners who live here, but often (in winter and summer) visitors and people who drive by, stop to ask us who is taking care of Ashberry. In part, the crews excellent work is an additional advertisement and promotion towards the success of your company. They need to know that people are talking about them, and that people see and appreciate their dedication and hard work.

Thanks also for sending the truck out today to pick up the rest of the gravel. Please extend our thanks to them also.

The Executive Board members of Ashberry Commons have bragged about “our”
crews all over town. They are really an awesome, hard-working group; and we are so very lucky to have them.

Kindest Regards,
Nate, Mitome & Marieann

Just to let you know, I am very happy with the retaining wall and planter. Both my neighbors are happy and we all agree you have two hard working men on the job. Thanks for your help.


Just a quick note to say thank you for the continued outstanding job Kelly LLC does maintaining the Eagle Crossing Homeowners common areas. A great thank you to Clayton’s crew for making hash of the dandelion patch on Driftwood Bay Drive. They were tall, thick and kids had thrown some huge boulders into the weeds which required them to walk the area, remove rocks and take their time cleaning up the mess. Super Job! The crew was polite, professional and just kept going. Always a pleasure chatting with your crews. Very nice folks.

Jim Hendley
Vice President
Eagle Crossing HOA

Wow! Thank you Matt! Your guys did a top notch job and you can believe I will recommend your company when anyone needs landscaping or the like. Carlos and Juan were professional, friendly and intense workers. Kudos for your hiring skills and their work ethic.

Thank you,

Quality Asphalt Paving would like to thank Kelly Lawn & Landscaping for the nice landscaping work performed by Francisco and Antonio. They were hardworking, efficient and completed a beautiful project. We are receiving so many compliments about the transformation of our entry and are very pleased with the results.

 Thank you,
Christine M. Ortega

Hello Mr. Kelly,

I am on the Board of the HOA that just signed a contract with you for Checkpoint over on Ophir and Whisperwood Park Dr.

I am thrilled you folks will be tending to us. I had Kelly do my landscaping in July. It is lovely and your team was wonderful.

Our outstanding experience with Chase and crew as well as your very professional proposal and reputation made it easy to select you for our little space.

Pam Snow also speaks highly of you. Thank you and keep on doing all the right stuff. It is refreshing.

Kat LaMantia

Hi Matt,

We are extremely happy with the work that was recently completed. The guys were very good with communicating with me, accepted small adjustments gracefully and watered the shrub that was moved as a courtesy since we were pulling out for the weekend. We are very satisfied.

Thanks so much,
Christine Fortner

Good morning Colby and Jared,

Just wanted to tell you something great that happened today.  You’ll really like this one.  This morning I looked out the window and saw your crew out here.  I saw a worker with a trimmer so I went out to see if he’d like a cup of coffee.  He said his name was Kyle.  When I asked him if he’d like a cup, here’s what he said, “Thanks for the offer.  I’d really like to, but I don’t have time for a coffee break right now.  We’re on a schedule and I really need to keep on working, but thanks for the offer.”  Doesn’t that just take the cake!  You should be totally impressed.  I am.  This guy’s a keeper.  Nate and I are still smiling about it.  Have a good day.  Oh, one other thing – when he gets back to the office, can you hand him a cup of coffee?


APTI has used the services of Kelly Lawn and Landscaping for snow plowing and removal for the last two seasons.  The one word that describes their work is, “outstanding.”  Not only are they quick to respond when we do have a snowfall they are out early every morning to treat our building entrances, keeping them free of slippery conditions, a service greatly appreciated by our employees and visitors.  APTI also has three emergency exits that Kelly keeps clear of snow in case of their need.  They are also quick to treat our parking lots with gravel when conditions require it.

Colby Kelly and his office staff keep APTI informed of schedules for extra services such as ice scraping and snow removal if deemed necessary.  They are professional and respond to inquiries in a timely manner.

APTI could not be more pleased with Kelly Lawn and Landscaping.


Robert J. Wyatt

Employed Kelly Lawn and Landscaping to install a patio/walkway in my front yard. The estimator, Chase, was very personable and explained in detail the work to be performed. The crew was punctual and worked hard under difficult conditions (the ground was very root bound and all the work had to be done by hand as there was no access available for machinery). The result exceeded our expectations and we are now enjoying a beautiful walkway that we use as a patio in the evening. The project has really improved the look of the front of the house. We are glad to have chosen Kelly and their crew to do the job.
Thomas Crowley


I have recently completed an ADA compliant 4-Plex (8,100 sq. ft) in midtown Anchorage, Alaska.

Kelly Lawn & Landscaping, LLC provided the site finishing and landscaping for my project.

The work was done on time, within budget and looks even better than I’d hoped. We are often complemented on the beauty of the finished product.

Colby himself went out of his way to find the very best product at the best prices.

Colby’s crew showed up on time, worked hard and got on well with the other sub contractors (on a very cramped site). Along the way Colby provided me with alternatives that enhanced the beauty of the end result without exceeding my budget. I give them an A+ for their price, performance, work ethic & creativity.

I whole heartedly recommend Colby Kelly for any landscaping contract or maintenance project.

Jeffery S. Wilson

If you would like a recommendation for your services, please let me know. Your service was always very timely and excellent quality.

Walsh Sheppard

March 8, 2011


I want to personally thank you and your company for my beautiful patio. To ensure I had the patio that I envisioned, you listened and provided suggestions that helped me achieve the goal for the perfect patio. Your employees were very knowledgeable, hardworking and friendly. Getting my patio was far from a construction nightmare that I feared. When I had questions, they were answered, when there were minor issues they were addressed. It was a joy to work with you. I do plan on using your company again in the future. If the service provided to me is the normal, Kelly Lawn and Landscaping LLC is on the road to complete success.

Thank you.
Cindy Comins


We just wanted to say thank you so much for snow plowing our yard at our office! You guys did a wonderful job and we really appreciate it! We are glad to give you our business, and are looking forward to future snow plows!

Thank you,
Amy Swiantek
MCN Construction, Inc

Colby and his crew recently completed a somewhat complex landscaping project at my residence and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The project involved moving some existing dirt,           re-contouring the lawn area, placement of gravel for paths and driveway, installation of metal edging and weed barrier, installation of top soil and seeding and fertilizing the lawn.

The project took significantly more time than originally estimated but there was absolutely no haggling about the bill. Colby was more than willing to work creatively from a basic design and was happy to accept our suggestions for changes as things progressed. The work was done on time, on budget and Colby and his crew were a pleasure to work with. I’d hire Kelly Lawn & Landscaping again, without hesitation.

Wayne Skidmore

RE: Ashberry Commons

Dear Colby,

We hope you had a very nice holiday. The snow crew is doing a great job. Good work should always be acknowledged, and in this case, “excellent” work should be praised.

Thanks and Happy New Year,
Nate and Mitome
Ashberry Commons

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