Spring is finally here, which means it’s time to start tending your lawn in preparation for the summer. You’ll need to take a few steps to ensure your lawn is as healthy as possible when the time comes to enjoy the warmer weather.

Today, their landscaping professionals are here to explain how to fertilize your lawn so it looks its best when summer arrives:

Know What Type Of Grass To Use: Grass in Alaska is made up of hardy, cool-season varieties, which means that it thrives in cooler weather. Red fescue and Kentucky bluegrass are good options for an Alaskan lawn.
A pH Test On The Soil: The pH level in the soil determines how efficiently grass will use the fertilizer. The results of a pH test will help you figure out which fertilizer is best for your lawn. Try to get your soil as close to neutral as you can. Alaskan soil is usually acidic — scattering lime will help bring the pH closer to neutral.
Fertilize At The Correct Time: Grasses in Alaska flourish in 60°F to 70°F weather. Even if it’s sunny, the ground temperatures don’t start rising until mid-late April. In general, start fertilizing your lawn in late May until late August or early September.

If you don’t have time for spring lawn care, contact Kelly Lawn and Landscaping to help you out with all of your residential or commercial lawn and landscaping projects.

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