Proper grass care doesn’t only lead to a thicker, greener lawn, but also an all-around healthier yard. From increasing your property value to keeping away unwanted pests, quality grass care can do more than you may think.

  • Property Value: By following a basic grass care plan — like watering your lawn, cutting the blades at the appropriate height and applying fertilizer — you’ll increase your property value. Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home or you’d like to get an appraisal, maintaining a vibrant, healthy lawn will protect your investment for years to come. Also, don’t forget that vegetation and ground cover will improve drainage, thus keeping your topsoil from washing away.
  • Pest Control: An important part of grass care is keeping yard debris off your turf at all costs. When you remove limbs, leaves, and fallen trees from your property, you’re protecting your grass from becoming damaged. As an added bonus, removing all of that debris will eliminate the food source and habitat that encourages pest problems.
  • Curb Appeal: No one wants to see a yard without any grass in it. Whether your property is covered in stones and rocks or there are patches of dirt all over your lawn, your yard could be an eyesore for your family and neighbors. To keep your lawn looking healthy and your home in pristine condition, contact Kelly Lawn and Landscaping to set up a grass care plan for your property.

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