Slip & Fall Statistics

Snow removal can be a challenge during Alaskan winters, but if you own a business, it’s a critical part of reducing slip and fall liability.

Here are three things Kelly Lawn & Landscaping wants all business owners to know about reducing slip and fall liability through winter storms:

  • It’s Required By Law: Keeping your customers safe isn’t just good for business — it’s also required by law. According to safety codes, business owners need to keep their premises free of hazards, which could include ice and snow. Keep in mind this also pertains to your parking lots and walkways, not just the space right outside your entrance.
  • Advanced Preparation Is Key: Alaskans are used to wintery conditions, but that doesn’t make them any less likely to get hurt as a result of a slip and fall. In order to prevent slip and falls from happening in the first place, you need to know the snow will be removed in a timely manner. The team at Kelly Lawn and Landscaping watches weather patterns to identify when storms will approach and prepares all of their equipment in advance for rapid snow removal.
  • You Need A Reliable Team: Many business owners rely on a single individual with a plow to handle their snow removal, but that could mean waiting hours or even days to resume operations following a big storm. While Colby Kelly began his lawn care business as an individual, he now has a fleet of over 40 employees ready to operate loaders,  plow trucks, de-icing trucks,  sanders and shovels. When a storm comes, someone from the Kelly Lawn and Landscaping team will be there to restore your parking lot back to safe conditions in as little time as possible.
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