Fertilizing your grass is an important part of yard maintenance and here’s why:

  • Build Strong Roots: If there’s a deficient amount of nutrients in your dirt, your grass won’t be able to grow sturdy roots. When you apply fertilizer, you’re providing your plants with a healthy diet that results in a healthier overall root system.
  • Winterize Your Yard: Spreading fertilizer throughout your yard doesn’t just make your grass greener in the spring. After talking with your lawn care team about the health of your grass, you’ll want to give your turf the strength to survive the cold weather conditions in Alaska.
  • Fight Off Weeds & Disease: When your grass doesn’t get the nutrients it needs to thrive, weeds will make their way onto your property and try to take over. Adding fertilizer to your property allows for the root system to fight weeds off and even resist diseases.
  • Boost Your Curb Appeal: If your grass looks unhealthy, it’s a sign you could use some fertilizer. By fertilizing your lawn on a regular basis, you’ll be able to guarantee your grass stays bright and green from season to season, despite weather conditions.
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